Here’s what you need to know before purchasing replacement windows
Here’s what you need to know before purchasing replacement windows

When you decide to buy replacement windows, you should make sure that you decide after conducting a proper research. After all, you only want to make this investment once in your lifetime.

What to consider when purchasing replacement windows
Here is a look at five important aspects you should consider before you invest in replacement windows.

  • Energy efficiency: Take time to understand what makes the replacement windows you are checking out energy efficient. Keep in mind that windows have varying degrees of performance. You should look at windows that have features like solar heat gain co-efficiency, low air leakage, high visible transmittance, and high condensation resistance.
  • Architecture and landscaping: The way heat and light enter your home will play a role in how much utility savings you can get with upgraded windows. For example, if you have many large windows, but no trees to block the sun on the south-facing area of your home, you can reduce your cooling costs significantly in summers with energy efficient replacement windows.
  • Window frame materials: Research on different types of window frame materials and compare them, as they age and function in various ways. You should find out the pros and cons of each kind. PVC, metal, fiberglass, and wood window frames are available in the market. Find out which one works the best for your home.
  • Safety: Find out whether single- or double-hung windows would be better to keep your family safe. Double-hung windows let in air into your home without creating a safety hazard. If your current windows do not function or lock properly, thereby making your home vulnerable to break-ins, your new windows can be a significant benefit.
  • Style: Nowadays, replacement windows come in different styles, allowing you to find the perfect one to complement your home. From garden windows to bay windows to slider windows, you can find the right type for your home and within your budget.

Buying the right replacement windows can make a huge difference in your home. With the correct choice, they can increase your home’s visual appeal as well as its market value.

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  • Things you should know about balance transfer cards

    Balance transfer cards allow you to transfer and consolidate your debts to a card which charges a no or low rate of interest on the amount due. However, there are a number of things to be considered while availing a fee 0% balance transfer card.

    Credit score: Your credit score reflects your ability to repay loans taken within the stipulated period. The financial institution will check your credit score and credit report to determine whether you can be issued a fee 0% balance transfer credit card. Balance transfer credit cards allow you to transfer debt from one of your credit cards which might charge a higher rate of interest to one that has a low or minimal rate of interest to restructure your debt and provide relief on the payments. Usually, a fee is charged for this particular service. However, fee 0% balance transfer credit cards waive off this charge which is also given to people with excellent credit history rating and score.

    0% fee is temporary: Usually, fee 0% balance transfer credit cards are issued for a promotional period which might last from 6 to 21 months depending on the financial institution. The balance also has to be paid off within the intro period for which the APR holds its 0% validity.

    Terms and conditions: It is not that easy to avail a fee 0% balance transfer credit card since you may qualify for the same, but getting an approval might take time. The credit limit will also affect your chances of availing this card since a lower credit limit will not serve your purpose if you have significant debts that need to be transferred. In such cases, it is not advisable to opt for a fee 0% balance transfer card since you will just end up paying for your balance existing debt and the debt on your new balance transfer card.

    Intra bank card transfer not possible: Balance transfer is possible only if you are applying for a card that is not issued by your existing banking partner. Most financial institutions will not allow a balance transfer within their cards for debt to be consolidated.

    Pay the full amount and not the minimum due: When it comes to a fee 0% balance transfer credit card, most people will be just tempted to pay off the minimum due rather than the total amount due, just because it is convenient. This is however not a good idea since the low rate or no rate of interest will allow you to make more payments and clear off your debt instead of stalling and taking advantage of the minimum due.

  • Common types of allergies and their treatment

    Allergies are plenty in number and can vary based on various factors. But some common allergies are seen in everyday lives. Allergy treatments for these are relatively simple, and you need not be too worried about them. But recognizing the right type of it and ensuring the allergy treatment is done correctly is the crucial part. Here are some common types of allergies and ways to treat them.

    • Dust and pollen allergy: This is the most common type as anyone can be prone to dust allergy based on the density or the level of dust in the surroundings. Kids usually get this. It causes rashes on the skin, sneezing and coughing. Pollen also has similar symptoms. The pollen allergy treatment can be done with steam and honey at home. But due to its recurrence, preventive measures would be advised.
    • Allergy caused by insects: This causes rashes on your skin along with some smaller swellings due to the bites. It can be treated at home or with OTC drugs, which are prescription allergy medicines.
    • Food allergy: This is mainly caused by milk products or nuts. Going to the doctor would be advisable, as the level of allergy can be detected better by the physician, ensuring he prescribes the right drug in the correct quantities. The symptoms of this are rashes and some irritation in the throat.
    • Allergy caused by pets: Some people have very sensitive skin and can get allergies due to the hair of pets. It causes rashes and itching, making the person very uncomfortable. It can also cause sneezing when around the pets. Again allergy medication would be OTC drugs along with making sure the person susceptible is kept away from pets as much.

    There are many more allergies that are caused due to various reasons. But if untreated, it can cause severe reactions in the patient. Ensuring allergy treatment is done correctly and at the right time becomes necessary. At times it can be life threatening too. Hence caution and no negligence is the key.

  • Food items that trigger stomach disorders

    Your eating habits directly affect your mood and state of well-being. While eating light and easily digestible food items can keep you happy and satiated, some meals leave you feeling bloated and queasy, often causing stomach disorders. The best solution to this problem is trusting your gut. While this may work for many, many others may give in to their temptations and eat things that may aggravate digestive issues. Check out this list of food items you must avoid in cases of a digestive condition.

    Dairy products
    Discomfort after the consumption of dairy products may not just be limited to people with lactose intolerance, many others without the medical condition find milk and milk products difficult to digest. This is mainly because dairy products naturally contain sugar lactose that causes gas and bloating in some. Excess of milk or lactose in the system may cause diarrhea or other stomach problems. In case you frequently get cramps or observe discomfort after having milk, it is best you avoid it.

    Fried foods
    Conventional wisdom prompts one suffering from digestive issues to stay away from fried items. Fried foods quite like fatty foods delay the process of digestion and usually deters emptying of the stomach. This, in turn, causes people with weak digestion feel bloated, full and uncomfortable. Fried food may also cause some heartburn or GERD.

    While caffeine helps you feeling active and alive, people with tummy troubles must avoid the use of caffeinated drinks until your digestion rolls back to normal. Too much caffeine in many may triggers anxiety, gas, bloating or hyperacidity. Since tea, coffee, soda, chocolate and the like are sources of caffeine, it is best you put them on hold until normalcy returns.

    Processed food
    Processed foods like loaves of bread, buns, canned items and the like are low in fiber and contain preservatives and artificial coloring. Eating such food may cause constipation and disturbed bowel movement. Preservatives may also cause allergies among hypersensitive people who may develop digestive problems. It is best to avoid packaged low-fiber food items in case you have a pre-existent tendency.

    This is a no-brainer that alcohol worsens the digestion in case you have a stomach disorder. Alcohol is toxic and causes indigestion, in case, had in excess. Nutritionally it has no proteins, vitamins or good carbohydrate to benefit your condition. It is best to keep drinking at bay when you have an ailing tummy.

  • Reasons why you should buy the Samsung Galaxy Fold

    Earlier this year, the South Korean smartphone giant announced the release of its most awaited phone—the Samsung Galaxy Fold. While fans all over the world waited eagerly for its release early this year, it was pushed to September due to some technical setbacks the company assures is fixed. The phone finally released first in Korea on September 6th, followed by releases in France, Germany, Singapore, and the UK on the 18th of September and September 27th for the US public.

    An amalgamation of sleek design and high-end technology, the Samsung Galaxy Fold has been keeping the audience on its toes with its features.

    Magnetic display

    As the name evinces, its USP of having a foldable display is one of a kind in any smartphone to date. Built with bonded, tissue-thin layers of innovative materials, the 7.3-inch Infinity Flex Display is the hero of this phone, revolutionizing smartphone screens. Turned into a smartphone with a 4.6-inch cover display when folded, it definitely screams flexibility. While putting in this flexible material for the screen, Samsung has also made sure to keep the quality of display top-notch. Its Dynamic AMOLED screen gives a cinema-grade display which is also engineered to adjust to optimal light for the users’ eyes.

    While these specifics make it a hit in the display category, it is also to be noted that Samsung has worked on keeping the foldable feature efficient. The interlocking gears for the hinge are elegantly and carefully placed at the rear of the screen, allowing for minimal bezels on the main display. The product has been made to withstand 200,000 folds and unfolds, which makes it a lasting feature for at least 5 years! It is to be noted that while functional, there is some visual compromise due to this feature as it results in a noticeable crease in the center of the main screen.

    Fabulous camera

    Coming to the cameras, the Galaxy Fold has an array of six of them! The rear cameras include 12MP telephoto, 12MP wide-angle, and 16MP ultra-wide options which provide the tools required to improve upon budding photography skills. With the help of its unfolding feature, the display ratio of 4:3 can be previewed on the 7.3-inch main display which becomes a massive camera viewfinder, making it convenient for the user to see what the lens is capturing. The panorama feature too has an ultra-wide perspective with its 123-degree field of vision, making it easy to capture scenic landscapes on your trips! The front cameras are no mean example of technology either with their advanced human segmentation technology, face detection, and some other in-built features like blur, spin, zoom and such.

    Advanced technology

    How do all these heavy features work together, you wonder? With its advanced hardware and fantastic AI of course. The Samsung Galaxy Fold comes with an impressive processor and 12GB RAM that gives the phone its fast and powerful performance. Thanks to these specifications, the functionality of the phone is not compromised, enabling smooth and lag-free multitasking. It also comes with 512GB of internal storage space which is equal to that on a laptop! It has a powerful battery of 4380 mAh which keeps the phone powered all day long, without the user having to find a socket every few hours.

    If that hasn’t impressed you, the phone’s wireless PowerShare feature is sure to intrigue you about this device. The device is designed to double up as a wireless charger that can share its battery with Qi-certified devices and wearables. You can now charge your Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Buds by simply placing them in the center of your smartphone.

    This new model also comes with what is described as the Galaxy Fold Premier Service that includes an exclusive team of experts that provide assistance to Galaxy Fold users. There is an option of face-to-face video chat and personalized tutorials too that will help the users clear any doubts about their device. The device is priced starting at $1980 and is available in two versions; one that comes with AT&T carrier, and another which is fully unlocked and can be used with any other phone carrier.